A few months ago I went on a workshop to learn how to write plays for the radio.  Most of my fellow participants had written plays before and had worthy ambitions (for example, to have their plays broadcast by the BBC). I, however, was there just for fun, curious to see how writing plays for the radio differed from writing prose.  During the week we were each given the task of writing a 15-minute play that would be sight-read by actors on the last day.

Not long before the workshop, I had been seriously inconvenienced by Barclays Bank when my account was closed, and all the direct debits cancelled, without my knowledge or authorisation.  My attempts to rectify the mistake involved numerous telephone calls to the bank’s call centre, with all the usual time wasting frustrations. I decided to base my play on this unfortunate experience.

If you enjoy my little play, thank Barclays Bank for providing the raw material.

Download the Radio Play [PDF, 60Kb]

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