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Music, the confessions of a low middlebrow

  Last night I was at Wigmore Hall listening to a concert given by Iestyn Davies (countertenor) and Thomas Dunford (lute) and, not for the first time, I reflected on my musical likes and dislikes. My wife and I often go to Wigmore — certainly once a week, sometimes twice — so I have plenty of time to mull things over.  Particularly so this week when, in addition to last night’s concert, I will have listened to music performed at […]

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How I write short stories

Why might you read this?   Because you want to write short stories and would like some advice?  A bit unlikely given that most people don’t write short stories, or even long ones come to that.  Or maybe you’re just curious, amazed that anyone would write short stories.  Or perhaps you read everything I write, hoping that one day you’ll find something interesting/useful. Ah well, here goes. Step 1  Starting (If you don’t start, you don’t start) I usually start by […]

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